In 2020 we decided to share with other naturalists what has worked for us.  While on our journey on caring for our own hair, we experimented with different products and styles and we paid heavily for it. We have experienced firsthand the damage that heat, bleach and chemicals can do to natural hair. After years of trial and error, we finally found the formula for maintaining healthy hair: 

Keeping it well hydrated is key to retaining length.

No matter how much care you put into your hair, if it's not hydrated/moisturized and it breaks frequently, you won't see any growth.

Using the formula of obtaining optimal hydration we decided to create our own hair care products. That was the best decision ever! On our journey, we sought the help of chemical engineers who specialize in curly haircare. The products we created have helped us grow longer, healthier and stronger hair. Now, we are passionate about sharing them with others who struggle with their curly hair.

We are 100% committed to helping you keep your hair hydrated and preventing breakage. We promise to continue educating ourselves about the best ingredients to provide you with superior hair care, enhancing your overall confidence! Achieving hair confidence will help you feel unstoppable and positively impact various areas of your life.


All In all, we at Chevé Haircare Products, strive to bring you the hydrated curls, and increase your HAIR confidence.



Cheve' Haircare Products


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