Meet our Founder:

Chantrice Harlan - Chantrice is a Hair Fashionista who is obsessed with Hydrated Curls Transformations. As the oldest of several siblings Chantrice often found herself styling her younger sisters' hair. Although they are family, the 4 of them all have different hair. From coarse to fine, long, to short, high porosity to low porosity- Chantrice often found herself being the one to figure out which products worked best for her sisters. Along with the responsibility of managing her sisters hair Chantrice also found herself highly interested in the different hair trends, tips, and tricks their  are in order to have beautiful hair. Keeping up with hair trends is something Chantrice loves to do !

While attending Nursing School Chantrice would expand her services to other families. Teaching other families how to properly wash, treat, style, trim, and grow their hair out. Also knowledge on which products worked best for their hair textures, and lead them to their hair goals. It was then Chantrice easily found herself becoming a "Kitchen Stylist" - a term used to describe someone is who an expert in hair but doesn't hold a professional license.  

It was then when Chantrice realized a common pattern. Knowledge about haircare wasn't as common as she had thought. Most women didn't know that hair masque helped repair the hair from damage such as damage from heat, even the from the sun.  Or that shampooing and conditioning every 3-10 days helps the hair stay healthy and hydrated. Lastly, that applying leave in conditioners before any style helps hair to keep from breaking off. 

When the pandemic came along Chantrice noticed how millions of women were becoming depressed due to the shut down of hair salons. Many women found theirs selves not knowing how to properly manage their hair or even style it with ease. It was then, when Chantrice began researching different ingredients in her product stash and figuring out which products made hair easier to manage. 

With the support of her loving husband, parents, siblings, family, and friends Chantrice sought out to begin her own Product Hairline, with the focus on Hydrating Hair starting from the inner hair cuticle; transforming dehydrated hair into hydrated hair, and providing HAIR confidence. 


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